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helloowowowowowowowo realwhitetrone
I want Nitrone to suck nothing (:


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11 months ago

as the owner, I feel as it's only right that I take second position!

11 months ago
New Forums

Welcome to Reside Network FORUMS!

This is our new forums where you can apply for staff, translator, builder, and loads more! Click the "more" menu and apply! 

Create a forums post and make some new friends! Make sure to follow our forums rules and be nice to people! Thanks for the constant support <3

11 months ago
Forums Rules

Beforehand, I want to thank you for taking the time to read the rules we enforce on the website and we hope that you follow them. I'll go through each rule and give some basic information on it and what the punishment may-be if you break them.

(1) Necro-posting: Necro-posting is the act of which upon you either bump or reply to a thread usually older than a week. We don't allow necro-posting because of the high amount of threads that are no longer useful or informative to the members of the forums. It's more important than newer threads can stay in the "Lastest Threads" and let the older useless threads get piled over by newer ones. Suggestions are slightly allowed to be bumped from time to time so it doesn't get lost and unnoticed. Although we semi-allow you to bump suggestion threads.

(2) Copying and Pasting Applications: As a staff team we have been catching people copying and pasting their applications from either other websites or our forums. This is strictly prohibited as it shows you've put no effort into making your application and you have the audacity of stealing other people's work. If you enjoyed someone's application, be inspired by the application and make your application as good as theirs or better in your own words and thoughts. Even taking words out of an application you copied is not prohibited as you've still shown little effort in your application and you've plagiarized someone else's work. Copying and Pasting your application will also affect your chances at becoming staff next time around as you've shown little effort in big factors when becoming staff.

Copying and Pasting will result in instant denial.

(3) Threats/Toxicity: As much as this is similar to in-game, this can also happen on the forums. If your suggestion doesn't get put into work or your application isn't accepted; don't act toxic on the forums. It's only going to be putting you in a worse situation and depending on how offensive you're being, it can result in punishments on both the server and the website. If you're upset about something that someone said to you on the forums or a decision staff made on the forums, please contact staff or report a player harassing you on the forums. Acting toxic back isn't going to make the situation better, only worse. You and the other player can both get in trouble at that point. We make sure the forums are in a family-friendly style so we don't have to worry about things getting out of hand quickly. This is the golden rule on the forums.

We don't want you to use vulgar or blasphemous language to offend someone because of the denial of your application or the denial of your ban appeal. It's better if you stay calm and let staff members work it out for you rather than getting yourself in trouble. As we don't tolerate offensive language in-game, we don't tolerate it here either. Instead of releasing your anger by using profanity to offend someone, talking to a staff member about anything that's bothered you on the forums is the right and smart choice. We are also very strict about this policy as we like to have a clean and safe forum page for all ages. Threatening to Dox or Blacklist the website or server through the forums will result in a ban from both the server and forums accordingly.

(4) Spamming/Asking about threads: Similar to the previous example, if you feel your application should have been accepted or deserved more credit, do not spam staff members asking for them to review/look at your application as it tells us you don't have enough patience for a staff position. There's not an application that doesn't go unnoticed by a staff member as most of us like reading every application on the forums. So if you ever feel this way, contact Nitrone or any staff member available. Spamming, in general, isn't prohibited on the forums as it'll result in either a temp-ban from the forums or possibly a ban from the forums depending on what is being spammed and how many threads are being spammed. Overall, if you have a question on the forums, ask someone nicely and they'll usually respond with something informative and relevant to what you've asked and if not, contact any staff member you see in-game or on the forums. Spamming the forums with similar messages for more posts is also not allowed because posts somewhat show your activity, but posts in moderation do.

(5) Put threads in their corresponding topic: The title is pretty much the rule if you're going to be making a ban appeal but it in the Ban Appeal section and not another thread topic. This goes the same for every topic as well. General is for server discussions and other things relevant to either the server or website. Everything else should have its own genre/topic. If by mistake, you do put it on the wrong topic and don't know how to move it; just ask a staff member to help along.

(6) Providing proof is key: If you've ever seen a staff member abusing, player hacking, or player being offensive. If you plan on reporting it, you need proof of the situation and valid and viewable proof too. This also applies if you feel you've been wrongly banned for something and the proof was needed to overturn your ban. Without proof, we can't solve solutions as easily or as efficiently. In some cases, we may have to rely on the proof for us to be able to take action on a report if we don't; most times we can't deal with the problem. I recommend you always take a screenshot if it's something in chat bothering you or download a recording software to record staff abuse or a player hacking. Without proof, we cannot make an acceptance decision on appeal unless a staff member witnesses the situation. So, I highly recommend adding proof if you want a better chance at your report being accepted. You must give proof, we can't do much without it.

(7) Sabotaging people's applications: Reading applications I've noticed some people leaving photos in the chat of someone being toxic on another server or a video of the person cheating on another server, lowering their chances of becoming staff. It's the staff jobs to figure out if this player is well suited for staff, not for players to ruin their chances completely. It may sound like we're defending players who may have a bad past on Minecraft but it's so staff can decide themselves about the applicant. We wish the best for each player but with people ruining the chances, it's not fair to the player because they may have proof of you being toxic but they won't send it onto your application. Making it an instant unfair advantage. Overall, we just suggest not to do this just so everyone has a fresh start. Leave your opinion about the application, not the player's past.

Once again, I appreciate that you've taken a part of your day to read the rules we enforce on the website and hopefully all goes well and none of these rules will ever have to be broken.

11 months ago

Please Note: If you have any further questions or suggestions upon any of these server rules feel free to ask our dedicated staff members in Discord or make a suggestion in our "Suggestions" section on our forums.

Reside Network Server Rules:

Chat Rules [Applicable on all servers]

❃ Rule #1)

DOX/DDOS/SWAT Threats: Threatening a player with “ddosing,” “doxing,” or "swatting" will result in a permanent ban. This includes posting IPs in chat as well as pizza bomb threats. Additionally, the possession/access of any databases, booters, or stressors will result in a permanent ban or blacklist. If there is a direct threat or an IP leak on a different server, we do not punish for this. However, if there was a threat on a personal/faction discord server, we do punish for this.

❃ Rule #2)

Advertising: Advertising another Minecraft server via a youtube video, discord link, or server IP will result in a ban.

❃ Rule #3)

Toxicity & Racism: Any form of toxicity or racism will not be tolerated and result in a temporary mute.

❃ Rule #4)

Death Threat: Any type of suicidal encouragement will result in a temporary mute.

❃ Rule #5)

Staff/Server Disrespect: Any form of staff or server disrespect will not be tolerated. However, punishments do vary.

❃ Rule #6)

Spamming: Spamming global-chat with the same message up to 3 or more times will result in a temporary mute. Promoting spam will also result in a temporary mute.

❃ Rule #7)

Character Spam/Chat Flood: Flooding global-chat with rows of the same characters or many shortened messages will result in a temporary mute.

❃ Rule #8)

Sale of Accounts/Items/Ranks/vouchers: Attempting to sell any accounts/items/ranks/vouchers is prohibited and will result in a punishment. Any IRL transaction outside of Reside (e.g selling ranks for Paypal) will result in a ban for both parties of the transaction. Additionally, any attempt to sell in-game items such as ranks, etc. for IRL money or items on another server will result in a punishment.

❃ Rule #9)

Misuse of /helpop: The /helpop command is only to be used for questions. Asking for help or for a staff member to message you is also fine. Any other use will result in a warning and then a temporary ban if continued to be abused.

General Server Rules

❃ Rule #11)

Hacked Client: The use of a hacked client or any unfair advantage will result in a ban by staff or the anti-cheat. This also includes unapproved mods. 

❃ Rule #12)

Auto Clicker/Macros: The use of an auto clicker or a macro that serves the same purpose as an auto clicker will result in a ban by staff or the anti-cheat. Using two mice to click is allowed, however.

❃ Rule #13)

X-ray: The use of x-ray or an x-ray texture pack will result in a ban. Additionally, the use of a clear lava texture pack will also result in a ban.

❃ Rule #14)

Recording a Screen Share: Any attempt to record a screen share will result in a ban. Our methods are not to be shared.

❃ Rule #15)

Clearing Recycling Bin: Clearing your recycling bin before a screen share will result in an instant ban.

❃ Rule #16)

Ban Evasion/Mute evasion: Any attempt to evade a ban or mute on another account will result in a permanent IP ban.

❃ Rule #18)

Inappropriate Builds: Building inappropriate content will result in a ban.

❃ Rule #19)

Assisting a Hacker/Ban Evader: Knowingly assisting or allying with a hacker will result in a ban. Repeatedly inviting a player to your clan that you know is banned on another account will also result in a similar ban.

❃ Rule #20)

Lying to Staff: Lying to staff members in Discord or in-game will result in a ban.

❃ Rule #21)

VPNs: The use of a VPN is prohibited and will result in a ban.


❃ Rule #1)

Camping/running: Camping/running on practice to intentionally delay a fight will result in a warning then kick.